Antico Borgo farmhouse with treatments and swimming pool for two

Contact with nature is very beneficial for those looking for a little relaxation, but for those who want to further relax and be pampered a little, we also have the Roman Bath and massage treatments.
According to our guests, wellness experiences surrounded by nature are particularly pleasant because "once the treatment is finished, you are still cocooned in a quiet environment, perfect to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life".

The Roman Bath: a small indoor pool for two

Piccola piscina coperta e riscaldata per dueFormed from inside an ancient cave. Here, in this small pool with heated water between 35 and 38 degrees ° C, two people can relax together or choose to relax comfortably by yourself. In the 5x5 metres of the Roman bath there is enough room to switch off and relax your body and mind.

The Roman Bath is available from September to June, has a dressing room and shower. Reservation is required.

Well-being Massages available at Antico Borgo di Poggiarello

For many years, here at Antico Borgo di Poggiarello we have offered massage treatments, because those who come on holiday to Tuscany often want to visit our famous cities, discover nature but also like to escape from the stress and strains of everyday life to find a balance in their lives. The selection of massages available at Antico Borgo meet the preferences of our guests and the great experience of the professionals with whom we collaborate.

All massages cost 60€ and last at least 1 hour.

Ask for information or book your massage ↓ Download the massage brochure ↓

Ayurvedic massage with oil

Massaggio Ayurvedico in Agriturismo PoggiarelloThe Ayurvedic massage is named after Abyangam, which means 'massaging the body with oil in all directions'. This ancient art originated in India and uses pure hot vegetable oils to nourish and rejuvenate the body.

In particular, the Ayurvedic massage:
* prevents ageing
* improves the elasticity and beauty of the skin
* improves body flexibility
* improves sleep quality
* relaxes the nervous system
* improves the quality of all tissues
* cleanses the body of toxins
*  increases energy

Minimum duration: 1 hour


Massaggio Riflessologia in agriturismo PoggiarelloReflexology is a massage that acts on certain parts of the body such as the feet, hands, ears and head. Through manual pressure on some specific points, tension is eased and the correct circulatory flow of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems are restored. This helps to re-establish a balance and relieves symptoms caused by stress such as headaches, intestinal disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders etc.

In general, reflexology results in the overall relaxation of the spine, joints and muscles of the whole body.

Foot reflexology

On the feet the imbalances can be read by an expert reflexologist long before the physical symptomatology manifests itself, so through reflexology we can prevent any future problems. Also, as reported by some clients: "Foot reflexology treatment is pleasant, ancient and effective for maintaining health and treating so many symptoms”.

Minimum duration: 1 hour

Hand reflexology

Hand reflexology is very suitable and effective for pain in the cervical tract of the spine, and for most painful symptoms at the muscular level of the spine and joints. Moreover, our health professionals through their experience have noticed that some organs respond faster with treatment on the hand than on the foot. For example, one of the most receptive organs to hand reflexology is the large intestine that has common symptoms such as constipation or diarrhoea.

Minimum duration: 1 hour

Kobido Massage

Massaggio Kobido in agriturismo PoggiarelloThis is an ancient Japanese massage treatment for the head and neck: powerful but gentle. Through a quick and rhythmic touch a draining effect is achieved that tones the facial muscles, which gives the face a relaxed and luminous appearance.

Draining massage

Massaggio Linfodrenante in agriturismo PoggiarelloThe draining massage acts on the lymphatic and circulatory system, so to allow the body to purify itself, eliminate excess fluid and experience a feeling of great lightness.


The professionals we work with

Massaggi in agriturismo Antico Borgo Poggiarello - NadiyaNadiya D. Ancarani:With years of experience in the field she has learned directly in Kerala (India) the ancient art of massage and all Ayurvedic therapies. Professional Nurse, graduate in physical education, reflexologist, Ayurvedic therapist specialising in panchakarma therapies, she collaborates with Ayurvedic doctors in Italy and abroad.
With her training she has integrated her knowledge and experience of allopathic medicine and motor techniques with the knowledge and experimentation of Ayurvedic medicine.

Massaggi in agriturismo Antico Borgo Poggiarello - AbhiAbhi Elena Seghezzi: has well-established experience and knowledge in the area of massage and treatments on the body. She has been collaborating with numerous wellness centres, spas, yoga centres, 5-star hotels for body treatments in Italy and abroad for many years.

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