Sustainable holidays in a farmhouse

We have always been committed in respecting the environment making the necessary investments for our farmhouse village to be ecofriendly. Living in close contact with nature is important to us.

What have we done to make our accommodation truly eco-sustainable?

  • Our photovoltaic panels: the solar panel system we have built provides electricity to the whole village. This is what lights the paths, houses and grassed areas at night, with zero carbon impact;
  • Our condensing boilers: they release only water vapour into the atmosphere, free of any polluting substances. While our guests are using hot water for their showers, emissions are minimised;
  • Our purifier: this manages all fluids produced in the holiday homes which are collected and channeled through a cascade filtration system that we periodically clean. This allows us to reuse waste liquid that although non drinkable, is clean water, perfect for watering the many plants in the gardens of the village ensuring no wastage.

These systems guarantee the self-sufficient energy of all the holiday homes in the village and a sustainable reuse of the resources we use: this means being an environmentally conscious farmhouse.

We are aware that we are custodians of this beautiful place and its environment. We are seriously committed to protecting and preserving this treasure.

Vacanze sostenibili Monteriggioni Chianti

An environmentally friendly farmhouse

At Antico Borgo Poggiarello we are lucky to be immersed in nature. Just by opening the window you are surrounded by trees, looking out at rolling farmland, clear blue skies and small villages dotting the hills. Here you can breathe in the scent of the open countryside that changes from season to season: from the scent of the undergrowth in the woods, the earthy scent of farmed fields, to the perfume of blossoming spring flowers.

Agriculture and local products

This landscape is the result of the labours of all those who "shaped" our hills with vineyards as far as the eye can see and dotted entire fields with olive groves. In Tuscany, agriculture remains an important sector of the economy, and farms are increasing their focus on sustainability. Strange to say, but often it's the simplest things that work best. For example, many wine companies use pheromones to confuse pest insects, pushing them away without harming them.

Our local communities are slowly returning to the beauty of buying meat and vegetables from local suppliers at 0 km.

In our restaurant you can taste our traditional dishes, and you can also learn how to cook the typical dishes of the area. And if there is one thing well known about Tuscan cuisine it's that the ingredients are simple and easy to make. Using good quality ingredients is essential.

Panorama agriturismo Poggiarello Monteriggioni Siena

Routes to explore the local area

The Antico Borgo Poggiarello farmhouse is set in a beautiful and untouched natural landscape and there are many walking and cycling routes that we recommend to explore the sights and sounds of this area.

Taking your time allows you to discover much more and find out about ancient legends, and what was once there. For example, not far from the farmhouse there is an ancient abbey, Abbadia Isola. Once it stood in the middle of a lake, however the lake is no longer there and exists in name only. Yet it is not the fault of climate change...

We are highly committed in respecting the environment and Chianti, because it is our home and we enjoy it to the fullest and in turn would like to you to experience it as we know it: green and lush.

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