Restaurant: Tuscan food and wine

Come to discover the flavors of Tuscan and Sienese cuisine in our charming restaurant, housed in the beautifully restored old stables where you can still admire the original ancient feeders.

Bruschetta, panzanella, ribollita, Fiorentina steak and much more: traditional dishes of Tuscan cuisine, simple or elaborate, that blend well with the variety of excellent wines originating in our production area. Here, halfway between Florence and Senese Chianti areas, who meet the tastes of the wines that are age-old traditions of this land and that accompany the flow of the Poggiarello's restaurant.
Discover the most classical labels such as Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Brunello di Montalcino and, of course, Chianti and be guided by their flavors during the meal hours now fresh, now sweet, now smooth.

The restaurant is also available for breakfast service and is equipped for any need of our guests. If notified in time we are able to serve dishes suitable for celiac, vegetarian and allergic to any food.

We also offer cooking lessons (cooking class) on request to anyone wishing to try their hand at preparing traditional Tuscan dishes.


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