Walking and mountain bike routes

Hiking in the open countryside, discovering ancient villages and the Via Francigena near Monteriggioni

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You will be spoilt for choice with the selection of places to discover the natural landscape of our countryside both on foot and by bike, starting off from here at Antico Borgo di Poggiarello.
We are located in Chianti, a part of Tuscany known all over the world for the beauty of its landscapes, for its wine, olive oil and cuisine in general. We are in the district of Monteriggioni, one of the places that inspired Dante to include and mention it in his work the Divine Comedy. We are close to the Via Francigena, and to the Montagnola Senese and Montemaggio: beautiful and lesser known  with a sad but important recent past.

So, what are the cycling and walking routes from the Antico Borgo Poggiarello farmhouse?

Walking routes

Walk around the walls of Monteriggioni

A popular itinerary of this area is the walk around the walls of Monteriggioni. Dante in Inferno described them as follows: "As, on its round wall, Monteriggioni is crowned with towers". Looking out from the remains of the fortress here the view of the Tuscan countryside is breathtaking and it isn’t difficult to imagine what is must have once looked like. It is a very short walk around the walls of Monteriggioni, about 2 km, but it is the perfect opportunity to get to know the centre of the ancient mediaeval town, its small church, the gardens enclosed between the houses; and to have a look at the route that many pilgrims have taken over time and stopped here: the Via Francigena.

Walk on the Via Francigena

A section from monteriggioni to the hills of the Val d'Elsa

In addition to vineyards, hills and a few farmhouses, you will find yourself as if by chance in front of churches and abbeys, towers and ancient stone houses, baths, used by Etruscans and Romans. The route is quite simple and does not require any particular training or equipment, but it will give you all the satisfaction of a beautiful experience.

In fact, it is strongly recommended to stop at Abbadia Isola, where an ancient abbey once stood in the middle of a lake, which was later reclaimed and of which traces remain today especially in the name of the locality.

A section from Monteriggioni to Siena

The route from Monteriggioni to Siena is always part of the ancient route of the Via Francigena, however, compared to the one that connects Monteriggioni to Colle di Val d'Elsa it has slightly wilder stretches, and a final piece before reaching the sunniest city of the Palio, and which follows the route of the asphalt road. However, there is no shortage of fields of olive trees and vineyards, and a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Siena. In this case the walk is about 20 km.

From Poggiarello to the Etruscan Necropolis of Mucellena

This walk is less than 7 kilometres in distance but it takes almost two hours, yet it is a beautiful opportunity to learn more about the area and discover an ancient place full of charm such as the Etruscan Mound of Mucellena, which is one of the largest and best preserved Etruscan mounds in Italy and dates back to the sixth century BC.

Starting from a large rectangular chamber there are another 6 funerary cells in which it is easy to notice that the roof was modelled in the earth as if it were a ceiling with architrave. Here we are already in the district of Casole d'Elsa, another highly recommended destination and one where you will find much more information about the Etruscans and their traditions, a people who have long inhabited these territories.

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Mountain bike itineraries

For those who love to travel by mountain bike, staying in Poggiarello will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy riding along our routes.

By bike between Monteriggioni and Castellina in Chianti

25 km cycling through our hills, passing through ancient villages and close to small mediaeval churches. After many climbs, you finish with a beautiful final descent towards Castellina in Chianti.

From Monteriggioni to San Gimignano

In this 35km route of ups and downs you will have the chance to admire an ancient castle in Staggia, the beautiful Church of San Lucchese and on the hill in front, the Fortress of Poggiobonizio - built and never used - and the Fountain of the Fairies, and then finally climb to see the towers of San Gimignano through hilly landscapes, vineyards and olive trees.

Route around the hills of Monteriggioni

Making a circular route starting from the farmhouse to beautiful Monteriggioni and back it is about 30km in total. You cross cultivated fields and forests. Not among the most difficult routes but surely a very interesting one to try.

The Via Francigena route

The famous Via Francigena, the ancient road that connects Canterbury to Rome, the Via Francigena, branches out into many alternative paths. The stretch near Monteriggioni passes through beautiful hilly landscapes and through some ancient villages but it is easy to find detours from the main route. This bike itinerary can easily vary between 30 and 50 km.

Tuscany and Chianti in particular, are famous for their hills, so it is important to be relatively fit, leave early so as not to be in the sun in the middle of a steep climb and make sure to have the proper equipment.

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