Tuscany Wine and Bike - The hidden Chianti

"The Hidden Chianti” is a journey for those who truly want to experience this splendid area, for those who are curious to learn about the places where to spend their holidays and free time. The TWB itineraries and the facility of Antico Borgo il Poggiarello create a unique combination to do just this.
The two laps, astride our mountain bikes, permit us, without excessive physical effort, to visit places intrinsic with millenary culture: from the hills of the “Chianti Storico”, to the via Francigena to the Val d’Elsa where every place is rich in typical products and historic sites, people to meet and tales to listen to. “The Hidden Chianti” is an unmissable route to take for a refreshing experience".


  • Chianti Classico area
  • Western area of the “Chianti Storico” hills
  • Area of the “Colli” and “Montagnola Senese”
  • Via Francigena
  • San Gimignano and its countryside

Linear tour in 2 consecutive laps. The participants sojourn at the same facility.

Weekly rider: a biker who rides an MTB 2/3 times a month covering distances of 20/25km with a slope not higher than 500 m.
This tour has been created for Mountain Bike enthusiasts and lovers of outdoor excursions.

Total length: 45 km
Height difference: 800 metres upward slope

Meeting point: every day the guide will call at the facility at 7.25am where you will have already had breakfast and are ready to board the van and reach the starting point of the excursion.

Times for each day of the tour:

  • departure by minivan from the facility at 7.30am
  • departure for the lap by bike at about 8.15am
  • end of event including lunch at about 3pm
  • arrival at facility 4.00pm

During the tour, the cyclists will stay at high quality facilities: all the hotels, bed&breakfasts, agritourism facilities along the itinerary and on the resting days have been selected to offer customized comfort and the typical Tuscan hospitality.

The offer at Antico Borgo Poggiarello includes sojourn, breakfast and amenities.

Farmhouse, nature and sustainability: responsible tourism in Tuscany

Imagine staying in a place where the rhythms of the day are scanned slowly, opening the window where you can see trees, cultivated fields, clear skies and villages on the hills, where you will experience the scents of the open countryside and savor leisurely meals than once. Our farm offers all this but also offers the thrill of an unforgettable holiday surrounded by the natural scenery of Tuscany is so beautiful and unspoiled.

And since we are aware of this treasure we have, we work seriously to do our best to preserve it intact.
The Antico Borgo Poggiarello actually agrees to respect the beautiful surroundings of the Chianti with its facilities, which guarantee the autonomy of the farm and especially the sustainability of energy resources necessary for its operation: the photovoltaic system provides electricity to the whole village, shining in the night the narrow streets, houses and green spaces, zero impact, and our condensing boilers expel only water vapor in the atmosphere, devoid of any pollutant.

Finally, the purifier handles all the fluid produced in cottages that are headed to a cascade filter system cleaned regularly. This treatment allows to recover the liquid waste and turn it into clean drinking water, but water is not used to watering the various plants in the gardens of the village with no waste.

In a land like Tuscany, where the agricultural tradition is still well anchored in many areas, we take inspiration from the past to do to meet the future with sustainable energy management. This means well-being, energy saving and enjoy a holiday in a cleaner environment.

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